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08-01-2016 09:00 AM RE: DBZ
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I did have a chance to play it but couldn't have time to comment this. I'll put up my thoughts now.

- I like the music. My favorite one is the one battling Raditz in Tournament mode.
- Goku's ki blast (or Kamehameha?) seems to retain its damage score from increasing but has a great damage.
- I really love the specific cinematics via special attacks especially on Frieza's pain/fall, where, for example, Goku does his ki blast to it (I cannot tell whether Frieza is a he or a she from that Anime series though; I always thought it was a she because of the voice).
- I wonder why there's no block and I thought we would have block or parry (before).
- I get juggled by Saibamen who attack me while being on air cornered at the final part of the valley stage in Challenge mode.
- Goku does the normal running attack when facing right but when facing left, he stops at less than second and does his running attack. I thought it was weird at first, but then it seems to be scripted.
- In Double Team mode, I notice the bosses' names overlap each other.

I think that's not all I have to say. I will continue to give some thoughts when I have time.

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08-01-2016 05:02 PM RE: DBZ
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Gokus run attack uses velocity, i think its a script bug where it doesn't work properly on both sides (don't know how to fiX3

Yes there is no blocking in the game intentionally to create different gameplay strategy (players need to dodge and use movement tactfully)

Saibamen are horrible, but there is strategy you can use to beat them (run attack to knock them away and use projectiles and dodge) I wasnt going to keep saibamen or the little robotos but Betterbold (user on Chronocrash) had provided sprites for them so thought may as well use them for a bonus stage or something

yes i need to fix the double team lifebar and name placement, just testing that mode for now (its 2 player mode also so you can have 2 on 2 battles)

yes i want more cinematics but they chew up a lot of space. (if anyone knows where to source from the tv show scenes where characters are attacking directly at camera (rapid punches etc) like i have for Raditz let me know, as i would like to use that for players chargeattacks.

This is just a small demo but it will be my little project to play around with in between my Bad ass babes game (which should be rereleased shortly BTW)

Goal with this DBZ game is to create something that has different gameplay to normal Openbor games. If anyone wants to help me let me know.

Theres things i would like to do

-deflect projectiles with attack (or projectiles explode if they are fired at each other) guess i could do this with adding BBox to projectiles right ?
- maybe have a power battle, where beams of energy are clashing and you need to button mash to win ? (this will be too hard to do i think)
-also i did not want any continues in tournament mode and i set a good amount of lives but 0 continues... yet it still gives you continues ! is this a bug ????


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