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Most Recent Status: I think I'm already having a week break since a few days ago. I will get back to modding Unelmia if I have time. Later, I will work on my own projects.

12-28-2020 08:26 PM RE: MORTAL KOMBAT - The Chosen One
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Looking great, Dante! You got a nice new movelist screen there. Have a nice day

Verily known as maxman in Chrono Crash. Member of OpenBOR community since 2008.

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-OpenBoR tutorials (to be resumed at any moment)

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dantedevil (01-14-2021 11:49 PM)

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01-14-2021 11:49 AM RE: MORTAL KOMBAT - The Chosen One
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Finally a sample of what is coming in the next demo!
New special moves are coming for our heroes!

dantedevil, proud to be a member of Atlas Productions - Cavern Of Creativity since Dec 2012.

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Ermax619 (03-02-2021 09:48 AM)

Posts: 148
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01-23-2021 01:37 PM RE: MORTAL KOMBAT - The Chosen One
Post: #213
Among the many updates the game is getting, it's time to give "The Chosen One" a more impressive look and I just updated the main menu, the second menu and the main loading screen.

dantedevil, proud to be a member of Atlas Productions - Cavern Of Creativity since Dec 2012.

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Ermax619 (03-02-2021 03:45 PM)

Posts: 148
Joined: Dec 2012
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03-07-2021 10:06 PM RE: MORTAL KOMBAT - The Chosen One
Post: #214
Hello my friends!

Here's a detailed report of all updates I've made on the new version I'm working on:


- At the gameplay level, heroes health bar was increased to double, to make combat balanced.

- After completing the stages of each Mission, the game will allow us to change heroes by starting every new Mission.

- An update on all pain animations was made on enemies and heroes and updated the txt of each other's movements for better operation.

- Images from the Main Menu, Sub Menu, from all MOVE LIST displays, and some potraits were updated.

- Fix all errors and bugs of all kinds I've been finding over time.


- The original routes were modified so that the most important stages were not left out.

- To give more variety to the game, new stages were created for Missions that had no alternate routes.
Missions that have new routes are: The 1, 2, 4 and 5. Because of this it was necessary to change the path of several missions as well as some dialogues were modified to give more consistency to the story along with each of the locations.

- Several stages were graphically updated, some were only added shading and illuminations, while others undergoing major modifications, including the stage of Training Lessons has a new background.


He deeply adjusted the Artificial Intelligence of enemies one by one, to adjust their level of aggression.
Almost all enemies now possess a Random AIMOVE of 3 variants and few others one of 2.
This allows the conduct of enemies to be much more irregular, allowing the weakest enemies to have higher percentage in WANDER or AVOID behaviors, while the strongest while they do not have WANDER in their AIMOVE, but have between AVOID, or AVOIDX , or AVOIDZ, but handling percentages of chance to have these smaller AIs according to the enemy.

In addition, the stage-to-stage groups were adjusted and in many cases ′′ delay ′′ (fake enemy) were added to better adjust the entry of a larger number of enemies as are the ′′ Bikes ", where they appear as 1 enemy in the txt of the level, when in truth it's 2 enemies who join the battle, the conduit and the one who comes as a companion and goes down.

All of this together creates a different and more balanced extreme gameplay compared to the high difficulty of before, which became a bit frustrating when it comes to a single-player game.

One of the game's most annoying enemies as is the "Hunter" (the boss of mission 2), now we can execute a GRAB without needing to be in the PAIN animation, which gives us a greater advantage when we have to face it.


- Heroes now own a new move, the COUNTER ATTACK!
To do this, it's enough to press UP and the FATALITY button, there the hero will execute the movement that lasts a slight moment and if during that time he receives an attack, he will make the counterattack by flying the enemy away.

- A ′′ RANDOM FATALITY ′′ was added, where the hero can perform any of the four fatalities randomly.
To do this, it's enough to press ′′ FATALITY ", ′′ SPECIAL ".

- The ′′ Ground attack ′′ was updated by a brand new one, it's a jump and foot fall on the enemy.
- Now Batman can drop ice bombs, plus classic explosive bombs.

- The ′′ NO MERCY ′′ was updated, now after ripping his heart out, he releases it before he gets up.
- The ′′ GUILLOTINE ′′ movement was removed and added instead ′′ HURRICANE KICK ′′
- The ′′ CANNON BAL THROW ′′ was updated by a new Slam.
- Now Carolina has a new move called ′′ DANGER FLY ′′ that works in the purest style of VEGA itself.
To do this you have to be close to a wall or one end of the screen. There Carolina will jump backwards bouncing off the screen end or on the wall and fly out into the enemy. We can control the flight and depending on the enemy's distance where we press ATTACK, we can make a slam or an attack on the enemy.

- Now Fulgore can fly just like Raiden and The Chosen One. While flying he can drop explosive bombs or perform the ′′ SUPER RIPPER ′′ movement, where he will spread his arms to the max and start turning them in circles as he moves on cutting everything in his path.
- Another of Fulgore's new moves is ′′ GORE SERVICE ", here Fulgore stretches arms to catch an enemy from afar and draws him to him, then pull a spinning blade out of his chest and cause him major damage.

- The WIND UPPERCUT movement now became ′′ NINJA ASSAULT ", a more aggressive version of the coup, as if he connects an attack, Jago will make an extra move to give the opponent more blows.
- Now Jago possesses a move called ′′ NINJA ROLL ", this move can tear down enemies, plus if we press ATTACK during the Jago movement will make a flyng uppercut (ex ′′ Wind Uppercut ′′).

- Now Liu Kang possesses a new ′′ HUNDRED FIST ′′ movement, making a pure E-Honda style hits of Street Fighter. To make this move, you just press ATTACK repeatedly and quickly.

- Kitana's TWISTER KICK was upgraded and now makes the move with two twists instead of one and more speed, thus taking a lot of hits.
- Now Kitana has 2 new moves, the HEAD STOMP and the EDENIAN FALCON. These moves work together and operate in a similar way to the Bison Street Fighter Flying Bison Flystopper, only the HEAD STOP is enough Press BLOCK during a jump, once you connect the attack, we can press ATTACK and perform the ′′ EDENIAN FALCON ".

- Midas has received an update on the GOLDEN FIST movement and now hits 2 times.
- Now Midas possesses a new move called TWISTER PUNCH, to perform enough pressing BLOCK during a jump and Midas will spin in the air with fists as he does in the special, but will do it by falling diagonally and manage to tip several attacks on the enemy.

- The ′′ EXTREME KNEE ′′ movement has been updated and after connecting the Orchid knee runs a spinning kick that throws away at the opponent.
- Now Orchid can bounce off the walls and at the ends of the screen, during this movement has a new special called ′′ SMASHING LAW ", we can execute it by pressing BLOCK and Orchid will dive over the enemies to run a slam on the floor ..

- Now Raiden has a new move called ′′ FLYSHOCK ", To do this, you have to be close to a wall or to a screen end. There Raiden will jump backwards bouncing off the screen end or on the wall and fly forward with an electric field over his body. With this attack we will be able to hit several enemies simultaneously unlike the common torpedo, as well as electrocute them.

- The ′′ RUNNER BACKTHROW ′′ movement has been updated, now after impacting the slam we can press BLOCK before Robocop throws the enemy backwards, so we will run a new movement called ′′ CRASH FINAL ", a second slam more wrecker than the previous one.
- The ′′ GUN MODE ′′ was updated and now Robocop can use the ′′ FLAMETHROWER ′′ in this mode.

- No doubt Tusk has been the most beneficial character from this update, becoming one of the most effective and dangerous heroes in their attacks.
His big change is that he now has 3 different cancel combos that he can chain with 3 of his specials.
During the INSANE STEEL, WAY OF THE SWORD and KILLER CUTS, pressing ATTACK, BLOCK or JUMP, Tusk will be able to run 1 of the 3 new special moves (assigned to each button). Specials are BLOODY TWIST, TRIPLE SLICE, WARRIOR WAY.
- Another of Tusk's new moves is the ROLL CATCH OR SLICE, which is very useful from short or long distance.
If we use it with an enemy near us, Tusk will spin around the ground and when he makes contact with the enemy he will jump on the crushing him to the ground. If we use the movement from afar, Tusk will spin the screen covering some distance and eventually throw a crouching sword, very useful to approach enemies and avoid attacks.


That's just the updates the game has had, on the other hand there are the whole new things I've been working on for a while, as are the new levels, enemies, traps, stealth missions, etc.

Will share more about it soon.

dantedevil, proud to be a member of Atlas Productions - Cavern Of Creativity since Dec 2012.

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