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Author: NickyP
File Name: Maplevania.rar
File Size: 26.42 MB
Uploaded: 06-10-2012
Last Update: 06-10-2012
Downloaded: 923
MapleVania Screenshot
Category: Completed Games Views: 3911, Replies: 2
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MapleVania Screenshot MapleVania Screenshot MapleVania Screenshot MapleVania Screenshot

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06-10-2012 04:47 PM MapleVania
Post: #1
This game is in Maple style but based off of the Castlevania series. It has three characters in the game.

-3 playable characters
-6 stages
-Two basic commands: Jump and Attack

Original link:

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06-10-2012 07:12 PM RE: MapleVania
Post: #2
This game looks so cute! I will try this out right away! Thanks!

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07-28-2012 05:57 PM RE: MapleVania
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Man thanks again for these games!!


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