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[RGSS] AnimBat! - Animated Battlers - Comprehensive
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03-26-2012 09:48 PM AnimBat! - Animated Battlers - Comprehensive
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Animated Battlers - Comprehensive
Version 1.0
Title Art by Lunarberry

This script adapts front-view battle systems (like the default battle system, or the RTAB system), and turns it into a side-view battle system. Battlers can bob and weave while waiting to attack, charge forward to attack, and strike a victory pose when they win.


Aluxes, Gloria and Ghost battlers courtesy of Green Raven. Artist for Felix battler is unknown.

Broken up into 7 pages.
Configuration - Basic Settings
Configuration - Pose Control
Configuration - Movement and Frames
Engine - Game Classes
Engine - Sprite Systems
Engine - Battle Engine

Kept Here:

Original Demo(with the old 10-pose system)
The earliest version by Minkoff (w/ RTAB) that I know

With the Battle Animations 'Flip' system
Another system that literally 'flips' the battle animations horizontally and/or vertically.

Please refer to the following manual (in .chm help format) now available for download.
>Help File Manual<
If you are having problems reading the help file (the AnimBat.chm), follow these steps...

1. Right-Click the AnimBat.chm
2. Select Properties
3. Click the Unblock button at the bottom of the Properties dialog (above the OK and Cancel buttons)
4. You should now be able to read the CHM file.

Pre-Rendered Configs
The demo and the scripts above show how to generate a system that uses multiple types of spritesheets and RTP battlers. Below are two configuration files you may wish to use in it's place.
Minkoff Configuration ... the typical Minkoff system without any extra.
Cybersam Configuration ... a configuration system for Cybersam's 7-pose system.
Charset Configuration ... a configuration system to use Charactersets for battlers.
Holder Configuration ... a 13-pose system designed by Holder.
RM2K3 Styled Configuration ... based on RPGMaker 2003's style, but after formed into a single 1-row sheet.
RMMV Styled Configuration ... based on RPGMaker MV's style, but after formed into a single 1-row sheet.

The Formation System
Removed from Animated Battlers is the formation system. A new one (roughly similar in nature to Claihm's system) is available below if you want to make custom battle formations.
Formation System:

The Window Depth Adjuster
The battlers in this system tend to draw themselves over the battlesystem's command windows. This patch can fix this for you.
Window Depth Adjuster:

Awards and Badges
A few awards of note for Animated Battlers
Honorary Awards for Spritesheet Artists:
Honorary Awards for Animated Battler Scripters:

This side-view battler script was designed to work with both, the default battle system AND the RTAB system. It was also instrumental in making Charlie Fleed's CTB. And it apparently works with a whole host of others ranging from ParaDog's and the XRXS systems and those by Trickster. But I cannot account for it working with any other systems.

Credits and Thanks
Lots o' credits:

Terms and Conditions
Required for distribution:
This system is available royalty free. I make no claim as to the usage of this system, even for commercial use. Edits to the system may be permitted as to suit your needs, but I cannot guarantee these edits effectiveness nor can I guarantee support for these same edits.

When using the system, the name of the animation system must be prominent along with my name and name of the scripter who created the basis of this work (that's Minkoff... if you didn't know Big Grin ). If your project includes a end-of-game 'Credit Roll', I would also require the listing of all parties in the Credits and Thanks section (above) as contributers and betatesters of this system. Given their assistance, I wouldn't ask no less.

Author's Notes
Um... nope... none that I can think of. And I thought there wasn't much left to add to this years ago...

DerVVulfman, proud to be a member of Atlas Productions - Cavern Of Creativity since Mar 2012.

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03-26-2012 10:05 PM RE: Minkoff's Animated Battlers - Enhanced
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Still love this one even though I'm not using it anymore. I love to see games with this system in it (Vacant Sky for one)... And combined with the RTAB or Charlie Fleed's battle system, it's unstoppable. Big Grin

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Posts: 51
Joined: Mar 2012
Likes Received: 6 in 6 posts
Most Recent Status: I think I just broke RPGMaker's 999 database record limit. :D

11-22-2018 03:01 AM RE: AnimBat! - Animated Battlers - Comprehensive
Post: #3
This is more than a conventional bump.

This is a rebranding.

"Minkoff's Animated Battlers - Enhanced" has gone through a system rewrite and has now been rebranded as AnimBat! Version 1.0

Reorganized and with many scripts within rewritten, it should come as no surprise that this system now uses "THREE" configuration scripts. Broken into three, the end user can now focus on what he/she wishes to tweak.

The system has a more in-depth and accurate method to detect the battlesystems in use. This should cut down on possible errors.

There were a number of bugs in the system that were not reported, be it a z-Depth issue involving attacker/victim overlapping or enemies not properly vanishing if they were meant to escape.

Some patches were put into place that actively benefitted other battlesystems, such as attack cancellations with Fomar0153's Action Cost system.

For those who still use the RTAB system by cogwheel, there is no longer any need to employ a separate script to bypass his native camera pan/zoom feature. It is natively disabled by AnimBat! And likewise, there is no longer a separate RTAB patch as Minkoff's Animated Battlers previously required.

Meanwhile, new features have been added.

There's been many requests to allow battlers to step forward from their group to begin chanting spells. An enhancement to a feature where a hero or enemy must spend some time to get a skill ready for action, you have always had an option to make the character go through some form of active pose. Now, you can have the character step forward before he or she even begins to chant a spell.

For some time, the battlers could move to the center of the screen to perform a special attack. This, a feature that the game developer would need to code. But Alistor of HBGames and Save-Point.Org requested that the attacker could stay vertically lined up with their target when moving to the center of the battlefield. So yep, it's been added.

Easy enouth to add was a battler death feature by hanetzer. In essence, he wanted it so one could assign the traditional 'collapse' death to certain battlers while others would still use the Minkoff/Cybersam styled dead-pose animations.

And a long-awaited feature for those who use scripts that allow multiple weapon attacks. Battlers who use two or more weapons do not return to their formation until they have finished their attack. If a hero has two weapons, he doesn't run up to a ghost and slash with the first and return to his group, only to run back on the field for the second weapon swipe. This feature is compatible with Guillaume777's Multi Slot Equipment Script, Fomar0153's Two Weapons, and DerVVulfman's MultiSlots!

DerVVulfman, proud to be a member of Atlas Productions - Cavern Of Creativity since Mar 2012.

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