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07-23-2017 01:04 PM BIG MAPS
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Version: 1.1

This allows you to chain multiple maps together to make one hellacious big honkin' map!

All seamless, it creates a single map in memory based on the maps you merge together. Save, load, teleport between, so far, it all works!

Big Maps:

Well, it's pretty much setting up hashes after you draw the different maps you want to staple together.

Each hash holds two sub-arrays, the first is an array indicating how many maps across by how many maps down, while the second is a list of all the maps that get stitched together.

Oh, and I included a 'TEST' system. If on, it will let you know if you didn't properly configure your big-maps, or added the same maps into two or more big-maps! TURN IT OFF IF YOU ENCRYPT YOUR GAME!!! It uses a Ruby command that doesn't work with the Encrypted Archive format.

Had to do something other than music related. Tired ears.

Well, it may be incompatible with some map scripts, especially the big systems. Amazingly, I did get it to work with some entertaining scripts.
  • Auto Populate by Charlie Fleed
  • Tileset Swap by ccoa
  • MGC Mode7 Edit by DerVVulfman (until the bitmap render limit is reached)
  • Fog of War by Wachunga (dynamic fogs require Dynamic Maps and patch provided)
  • Dynamic Maps (with patch provided below)
  • The Lycan ABS by DerVVulfman
  • Minimap DVV by DerVVulfman
  • Passability Minimap by Squall (but only the Events properly show, tilesets not properly rendered)
Simple Patches
If I (or anyone) comes up with a patch to fix an incompatibility issue, you can find them here.
Dynamic Maps:

Credits and Thanks
Er.. me? And my little test subject who loved it (Trade Secret).

Author's Notes
Damn, that's a big map. Did ya just make a 2000x2000 tile map????

Terms and Conditions
Free for use, even in commercial projects.

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