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[RGSS] Lani's Locks and Keys
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05-13-2019 11:26 PM Lani's Locks and Keys
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Version: 1.0

Lani's Locks and Keyrings allows you to create a locking system for doors, chests, and other items that require keys. It does this by creating scripted values rather than having to create actual door-key items in the Item database.

Lani's Combo Locks allows you to require the player to dial a proper combination into a spinning lock.

And Lani's Keypads allows you to require the player to enter a proper password or command code into a keypad to gain access to the same said doors, chests or other items.

All three systems uses script commands to trigger switches or event self-switches so doors or chests may be opened.

  • Eliminate the need for Item Database Keys
  • Use script commands to turn on switches to open simulated doors
  • Package includes combination locks
  • Package includes keypad lock systems


Shot of a keypad in use

(Open Sesame)

Three systems, three sets of instructions in the demo. And the configuration sections have plenty of notes.

Author's Notes
This package has the features where you can add a variety of locking systems. However, it is up to you, the game developer, to implement them. So if you wish to work this system with an accompanying lockpick script, it is up to you to do it.

I recognize that one can make a safe door with the combination lock system, and some safes use a combination of both dial lock and separate key. This option is not within the combination lock system, and will not be updated for inclusion. I leave that to end-users to add it themselves for their own project. There are plenty of notes throughout the scripts to act as a guide.

Designed for work with RPGMaker XP. And plenty of work to alias any additional content related to 'keys' within the item menu.

Terms and Conditions
Free for use, even in commercial products.

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07-07-2021 08:59 PM RE: Lani's Locks and Keys
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Not bad. What version of RM is it compatible for playing or trying out the demo? VX or something?

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