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[RGSS] The Lycan ABS
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08-10-2023 08:31 PM RE: The Lycan ABS
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to version 13.1

Did you think I was done? Wrong.

The close-quarters combat system using the BASIC_SKILLS setup still had issues. While companions were now able to properly cast and use skills connected to the BASIC_SKILLS setup, the system that delivered the actual skill effect and damage was not working. The skills were still being performed by melee actions. That was unfortunate, but not too much of a problem that I couldn't fix.

Also related to skills is the issue that companions would be totally unable to attack if they had no usable skills and was ordered to use skills only. For this, an option was created to let companions forget the command to use skills only and let them deliver melee attacks. This is configurable of course.

Another issue with companions and their skill use had appeared, and that pertains to skills actively used. The typical system would attempt to use the first skill it would come across before the next. And given that the first skills an actor gains has the lowest SP cost, no further skills would even be encountered. That was, to me an issue, and one I had to rectify. So I decided to set up two alternate methods in which the companions may choose which skill to use. The first I choose to call 'Reverse Database' where the IDs of the player's allowed skills are sorted in reverse order, so essentially the last skill in the Skill database would be chosen first. And the second option I added is a Scrambled Order system. In that, the list of skills the companion would use would be re-arranged each time they wished to use a skill, and the choice of skill would indeed be random.

Classic RPGMaker XP does not have a scramble function within the Array class. However a suitable and simple set of methods now exists within the Array class of this package.

In a related issue, I found that the Hotkey and companion control system had issues where some of the commands were not properly responding. This was an easy fix.

I cleaned up the hate and fear systems, systems that force an enemy combatant to attack a target, or to run in fear of it. But along with that, I also allow enemies to become afraid of other enemy types. Wolves may become afraid of bears, Imperial Stormtroopers afraid of vampires, and so on.

And in connection, a new enemy controlling comment has been added. This new command comment feature allows enemies stop their attack on a chosen target at regular intervals. The benefit is that the detection system will kick on and let the enemy choose (what is likely) the closest target to face.

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09-06-2023 07:19 AM RE: The Lycan ABS
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@DerVVulfman Thanks for the update! What version of RPGM is recommended to play the story?

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