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RPG Maker VX Ace

Multiple Makers

RPG Maker Used: RPG Maker VX
Author: yuna21
File Name: ERDFinal Ver 1.2.rar
File Size: 148.56 MB
Uploaded: 04-28-2012
Last Update: 05-13-2013
Downloaded: 53
Enelysion Screenshot
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Enelysion Screenshot Enelysion Screenshot Enelysion Screenshot Enelysion Screenshot Enelysion Screenshot
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04-28-2012 02:22 AM Enelysion
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At it's heart, Enelysion is a game whose core is centered around love, fear and ultimately, death. I hope to convey these emotions through my characters, rather than the actual storyline itself. They will be the focal point, while the story merely serves as a backdrop for everything. This will ultimately be my hardest challenge yet, as for me, writing a character-driven narrative is much harder than writing an actual story-based narrative.


The continent of Elendia, E.C 759.

It has been nearly three centuries since the hero Cuchulain and his companions united the continent as one after the Altan Period, a bloodless war that plunged countless souls into a deep despair, and a fate worse than death itself. But the respite has been brief compared to early days, and a shadow of unease begins to steal over Tairgire once again.

A young woman by the name of Laine becomes drawn into a sequence of unlikely events that will test her resolve, willpower, and ultimately, her love.


* Only in the new version, still to be released.

* Estimated game length: 6+ hours.
- Save anywhere.
- A rich detailed universe full of plot twists and uncovered secrets.
- No random encounters. Fight or flight, it's entirely your decision.
- A fully customized, rich and orchestral soundtrack ( no commercial game music ).
- Detailed ( or as detailed as I can make them ) maps to bring this wonderful world to life. Plenty of exploration to be done as well.
- Simple, turn-based combat. No frills, or bells and whistles. But still fun.
* Skippable cutscenes.
* Investigate virtually everything for hidden treasures. Barrels, pots, cabinets,
crates etc. all of them may contain a useful item or two.

Currently working on version 1.3. It will hopefully solve any game-crashing bugs. I'm addressing some of the writing issues as well.

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