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RPG Maker VX Ace

Multiple Makers

Set Discrepancy
RPG Maker Used: RPG Maker XP
Author: Gibmaker
File Name: Set Discrepancy v1_2_3_5.exe
File Size: 121.34 MB
Uploaded: 05-16-2012
Last Update: 05-13-2013
Downloaded: 29
Set Discrepancy Screenshot
Category: Completed Games Views: 3556, Replies: 0
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Set Discrepancy Screenshot Set Discrepancy Screenshot Set Discrepancy Screenshot Set Discrepancy Screenshot Set Discrepancy Screenshot
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05-16-2012 12:01 AM Set Discrepancy
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100% Custom Interface: Players command the party using a targetting dial that identifies important features of a room and the ways to interact with them.

Randomly-generated Game World - The layout of areas and the locations of key items are determined randomly at the beginning of each new game.

Customizable Characters: Spend experience points to improve your character using an intuitive, user-directed training interface.

Original Graphics: Original characters, creatures, items and splash art.

A Chilling Sci-fi Horror Setting - A setting and storyline influenced by sources as diverse as System Shock 2, Freelancer, Dead Space, John Carpenter's The Thing, and Dante's Inferno.


According to one theory, Earth's moon was formed by collision with another planetoid early in our solar system's history. This theoretical planetoid is known as Theia, the mother of Selene (the moon) in early Hellene mythology.

The theory states that Theia would have been completely consumed in the collision, its mass integrated with Earth's.

Why, then, in the outer reaches of the Oort cloud, where astronomers expect to find only comets and isolated bodies of ice, has a planet been found whose composition exactly compliments planet Theia of the Giant Impact theory? Almost a light-year away from the Sun, it hangs on by a mere slip of a gravitational tether, and would certainly have been long lost to the system were its orbit not almost immeasurably slow.

Wherever it came from, it was the last beacon of hope for White Horse Enterprises, a sluggish corporation whose dewy-eyed business ethics made it uncompetitive in the corrupt, overpopulated world of 2072. They established a mining facility on Planet Theia as a showcase for their progressive, philanthropic business practices. In the words of White Horse's CEO: "This venture will go forward, and it will establish a precedent that only an act of God can supersede."

The venture seemed doomed for bankruptcy until a survey drone uncovered what appeared to be an alien artifact, deep under the planet's surface. Desperately needing to capitalize on the discovery, the admins have planned an investor's gala in the P. Lowell Executive Chalet, a small luxury resort with a stunning view of the mining installation, where the artifact will be unveiled to the public.

... And now, for some reason, you've just woken up on the floor of your sleep quarters. You have no recollection of the last week, and your co-workers have turned into monsters. Your only guidance is a droning automated announcement system and the clues your colleagues left behind before losing their minds.

Welcome to Planet Theia. It's always dark out.

WWW Find

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