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12-23-2015, 07:24 PM (This post was last modified: 12-29-2015 08:49 PM by Ermax619.)
Street Fighter Remake Select Screen by Ermax619, posted by Ermax619
If it was going to be created for Open Beats of Rage engine instead of Mugen, it would definitely be awesome. It's not going to be a Beat Em Up though. Instead, it will be in a classic versus type. So far, this is a mock-up which I wanna make fun with it. This is really a fake screenshot I did. ;)

EDIT: Replaced SFA ones with CVS as fake. Dunno what to do but..

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12-27-2015 03:11 PM RE: Street Fighter Remake Select Screen
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Thats kind of cool you should use the new sprites for your game but only give them classic street fighter 2 moves i would base their moves off of the hyper edition of street fighter that gave chun li a fire ball and air spining bird kick and ryu ken and guile got air moves as well



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