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08-23-2017 12:19 PM LILY'S MEGA DATA!
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Version: 1.0

Are you bummed by the 999 database limit for skills, items, actors and the like? If so, then you may want to make a mega-data database.

This script alters the load_data kernel to recognize key databases used by the RPGMaker engines which use Ruby Scripting, and allows additional database records to be added upon game load.

This script may also generate a txt file (or set of text files) which will list all the items within your mega databases.



The script itself is only the basis. You need to create extra database files using your RPGMaker and copy the extra database files (be it rxdata, rvdata2...) into your real project's data folder and then add them to the list of arrays in the script.

It does not adapt the 'event commands' in the editor to go beyond the 999 limit. So one needs to have a matching set of script calls to go beyond that limit.

Example Utility Code
The below code is meant for RPGMaker XP users, but shows how one can make routines within the Interpreter class (or Game_Interpreter) so one can use script calls that may go beyond the 999 editor cap.
Example RMXP addon:

This script should be usable for all Ruby-Scripting versions of RPGMaker, and it merely attaches code to the 'load_data' method within the Kernel module itself.

Credits and Thanks
Thanks goes to a dear friend who inquired just this past week if one could get past the 999 item or skill limit.

Terms and Conditions
Free for use, even in commercial games. Due credit is all that's required.

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