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Chat Down - Yin - 06-18-2014 09:18 PM

Quote:We are currently in the process of migrating our servers to a new hosting provider.

Due to recurring issues over the last few months with our current provider, we have found it necessary to move to different hosting service. In the process, we have also upgraded all of our server equipment. Thank you for your patience in this period of transition. We look forward to providing you with an even faster and more reliable chat solution.

EDIT: Funny just as I posted, it came back up Brzzzzz
Well, there you go Big Grin

RE: Chat Down - esn23 - 06-18-2014 09:44 PM

nope still down

RE: Chat Down - DarkBloodbane - 06-18-2014 11:28 PM

Well, it works again now Have a nice day

RE: Chat Down - Ermax619 - 06-19-2014 07:37 AM

Quote:Sorry, could not connect. Giving up.

Weird. I can't get to Chat.

RE: Chat Down - esn23 - 06-19-2014 03:28 PM

I talked to the beautiful yin on trying to get a new chat client that is more reliable i know some of other people have complained about the format of this chat and no being able to get in.. Also bloodbane i think chronocrash should have a chat or chatbox Brzzzzz

RE: Chat Down - DarkBloodbane - 06-20-2014 01:59 AM

Well, related to Chrono Crash, I think Damon caskey said something that he doesn't set any chat room cause the one at Lavalit is hardly used

RE: Chat Down - Yin - 06-21-2014 10:14 AM

I'm checking the options. I'm trying g to avoid ad riddled crap. Also trying to avoid hosted chat. But will choose what I think is best for a small community. I thought this was fine, but if you guys are having trouble logging n in, then I have to change it.

RE: Chat Down - esn23 - 06-21-2014 03:52 PM

where have you been yin did you start your new job yet? I miss our chats hope your doing well

RE: Chat Down - Yin - 06-24-2014 10:45 AM

Lovely to come back from vacation and my computer is freaking dead. :( I stay my new job on Tuesday. Only have my phone.

RE: Chat Down - Yin - 06-24-2014 10:56 AM

I'll also probably be MIA until I get a new computer.