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MORTAL KOMBAT - The Chosen One - dantedevil - 09-26-2014 12:30 PM

Finally the new demo has arrived!


This would never have been possible, without the help and support of this great friends, to whom I gave a small tribute in the intro.
I can only say thank you, without you the game would not be what we see today ...

Obviously I do not forget about Bloodbane, to whom I practically owe the fact that many of my crazy ideas, today can be a reality in the game.
That's why I decided to offer to share the creation of the game, since he has had to see practically in all its development.
He fortunately accepted and also gives him a small tribute for him in the intro:

Now to the game:

The new demo has:

- 12 characters selectable from the beginning:
Carolina, Liu Kang, Raiden: Kitana, Tusk, Jago, Fulgore, Orchid, Midas, Batman, Robocop and The Chosen One (Carolina's version, after taking the amulet of the elements).

- 8 Missions composed of 44 levels.

- Multiple paths, which will affect the course of the adventure.

- Each mission has a Bonus Stage at the end.

- 4 fatalities for hero, in addition to No Mercy.

- Weapons, Knives, Bats with nails, with which you can execute the enemy.

- New Stage Fatalities.

- New bosses.

- New look for the old enemies.

And a lot lot more...

Here is the link where you will find two versions.
One in Spanish and one in English.

Merry Christmas!!!


Finally the third Demo is here:

- 10 playable characters
- 5 mission with 20 levels
- Branches
- New moves for all characters
- New special moves, "Counterknife", "Counterbomb"
- New Stage Fatalities, Standard and Special.
- New look for the old enemies.
- New enemies and Bosses.
- New obstacles
- New "Combo Breaker" system.
- Killer Instinct Style Announcer.
And more...

Well, second Demo is here:

Here the details:

- Fixed walls of level1, level2 and dojo of trainig (Thanks to Bloodbane).
- Fixed every slam and throw antiwall problems for all characters (Thanks to Bloodbane).
- Fixed shadows in super combos (Thanks to White Dragon for share and update their script system).
- Fixed the problems in Fatalities, testing for hours and work well.

- They changed the two levels before Balrog for new levels with better appearance according to the story. To provide a better climate for dangerous neighborhood.

-The first stage was it was divided in two, with a new Boss in the middle.

- Added new fonts (Thanks to Beastie).
- Added a special guest character for the dojo training, Ryu.
- Added run for all heros, and new runjump attack.
For this some heros gained more new moves and improvements.
- Added a lot of items and obstacles in every level.
- Added blood flash in the strongest blows.
- Added new anim spawn for enemies (sitting in the back seat of the bike, walking with a drum to throw, etc.)
- The difficulty of the enemies are properly adjusted.


Well my friends the demo is here!!!

The demo has 7 playable characters:
Carolina (The Chosen One)
Liu Kang

The version of Carolina, the main character, in not the superpower Chosen One in black yet.
That version is not included in the demo.
Raiden decided to release the ultimate power in Carolina, he decides to give the charm of the elements. And that should steal the temple to protect the 4 gods, as the Elder Gods was denied.
All this happens in a future stage and that's when Carolina becomes the black version of The Chosen One with much greater powers.

The demo has complete stage 1, consisting of 7 levels and the first boss.
Well, finally is time to show my project.

Mortal Kombat The Chosen One it is a project that I started many years ago.
I decided to make a game for my daughter in which she was the protagonist.
So we spent an afternoon taking photos and recording sounds.
This little more than 5 years ago, now my daughter is 15 years old and still a fan of the games.
For different problems the game was getting stuck but eventually the track to see the light.

To the game:

The history :

The idea of ​​the story is that the Elder gods, on earth prophecy that a young woman in her tenth birthday will become the Chosen One, the only hope to defeat an ancient demon who seeks to invoke Shao Kahn.
For this task an alliance of different realms is formed to find the Chosen One before Shao Khan, and give the medallion that starts prophecy awakening in the Chosen One extraordinary powers.
Along with the Chosen, a few heroes embark on the crusade to stop Shao Kahn and their armies, before the ancient evil awakens.

The game has 7 playable characters + 3 secret (Batman, Fulgore KI2 and Orchid KI2).
-Carolina (The Chosen One in two versions. Before and after to take the Amulet of elements.)
-Midas (Masked Warrior from Pit Fighter)
-Jago KI1
-Liu Kang

All characters have:
-One personal fatality
-Super Combo (with shadows)
-Super Special (Hit All on the screen)
- Grab Up, Grab Down, Grab Forward, Grab Back
-Five or Six Freespecial for Character

And more...

RE: MORTAL KOMBAT - The Chosen One - Ermax619 - 09-26-2014 08:01 PM

Welcome to Atlas, Dante! Have a nice day The graphics looks beautiful. By the way, is that big reptile above (summoned by Tusk) from which game? It looks like a Fatality.

RE: MORTAL KOMBAT - The Chosen One - dantedevil - 09-26-2014 08:51 PM

It's the Tusk Fatality for the Killer Instinct 2.

RE: MORTAL KOMBAT - The Chosen One - dantedevil - 09-30-2014 06:13 AM

Well... here my first DEMO.
It's only a test with a few bugs, but shows enough.

Midas gameplay:

RE: MORTAL KOMBAT - The Chosen One - Ermax619 - 09-30-2014 05:15 PM

Midas's slams are so awesome and excellent to see! I love how he does the double grab for headbutts, multiple slams, and others from the video. I was so impressed on every awesome move. It's quite awesome! I'm looking forward to play it if yours gets done. Keep up your mightiest work, Dante! ;)

RE: MORTAL KOMBAT - The Chosen One - dantedevil - 09-30-2014 08:51 PM

Here a Kitana Gameplay:

RE: MORTAL KOMBAT - The Chosen One - Ermax619 - 10-01-2014 07:24 AM

Bravo! (Applauding) Dang! Her moves are so flawless to look at! Excellent work! Big Grin

RE: MORTAL KOMBAT - The Chosen One - dantedevil - 10-01-2014 08:25 PM

Here Raiden Gameplay:

RE: MORTAL KOMBAT - The Chosen One - dantedevil - 10-03-2014 12:12 AM

Here Tusk Gameplay:

*Link fixed by Ermax619*

RE: MORTAL KOMBAT - The Chosen One - dantedevil - 10-04-2014 06:20 PM

Here Liu Kang Gameplay: